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Correction vs Relief

Corrective Care vs Relief Care – In Our Swampscott Chiropractic Office

The difference between corrective care and relief care is the difference between achieving your Full Potential and just feeling good. 

Traditionally, people have sought health care when they have symptoms and traditional (allopathic) health care is focused on the treatment or relief of their symptoms.  This approach to health would be more appropriately called relief care.  True health care should be focused on restoring and then maintaining a state of health or well-being, not merely the relief of symptoms.  Because Chiropractic care is so effective in relieving many unwanted conditions that people suffer with every day, often referred to as miraculous in it’s ability to provide relief where all other forms of health care have failed, it is now often many people’s first choice when musculoskeletal symptoms strike. However this is only a fraction of the benefit people experience with corrective chiropractic care.

Corrective care, at our office in Swampscott begins with a detailed assessment of your presenting problems as well as a thorough investigation into the underlying cause.  Our first goal is always to get you feeling better and return to all your desired daily activities as soon as possible, in other words relief care. However our real concern is to address the actual cause of these symptoms.  Most of the time the cause of most symptoms begins years or even decades before symptoms present.  This is because your body is brilliantly programmed to adapt and compensate until that ability is overwhelmed.  Often by the time symptoms appear damage has developed. Not unlike the signs of heart disease or high blood pressure.  These are not problems that start with the first symptom.  Those arteries have been clogging for many years before a heart attack.

That is why we do such a thorough intake assessment.  Because if the underlying cause of your complaint is not caught and corrected, not only are the symptoms highly likely to return, the damage to the spine and nervous system continues if the spinal imbalances are not corrected.   These imbalances of the spine are known as Vertebral Subluxation and they interferes with the body’s natural ability to heal itself . Corrective Chiropractic care is about precisely locating Vertebral Subluxations, thoroughly analyze all of its components, design of a specific program of adjustments and exercises to correct Vertebral Subluxations. This often involves rehabilitation of the entire spine to reduce postural stress and strain not merely treating the site of pain along with education about lifestyle habits and practices that have led to the development of Vertebral Subluxation in the first place.



Very commonly most people begin to first experience Vertebral Subluxations in the neck. This occurs so commonly because of the fact that the vertebra, ligaments, and muscles in the neck are the smallest and the head (in particular in children) is disproportionately heavy in comparison to our body. It used to be mainly trauma,  slips and falls throughout life as an adult or child, car or work accidents or even the birth process itself  which can result in the small vertebra of the neck becoming displaced was the most common cause of Vertebral Subluxation.  Today it’s our daily habits of computer and cell phone use that cause cumulative strain leading to Vertebral Subluxation in the neck.  This process results in changes in our posture, often shifting the head well in front of the shoulders and leaning the head to one side or the other to reduce the pressure this subluxation places on the spinal cord. As a result of the change in head posture our rib cage may bend or shift to reduce pressure on the spinal nerves and similarly the large muscles of the lumbar spine and pelvis will compensate to further reduce the unwanted pressure on the spinal nerves.  These shifts in posture not only eventually lead to muscle pain and spasms, they place uneven pressure on the vertebral discs causing them to begin wearing out prematurely and progressively.


It is remarkable how long the body can and will compensate for these imbalances.  People frequently ignore the early warning signs of Vertebral Subluxation, stiffness, inability to turn and look down the driveway as well as they used to, tension headaches etc. It is often not until significant degeneration of the discs and joints in the spine that people have their first episode of acute back or neck pain.  That is why early detection and correction is so important.


We actually believe that our most important service is Wellness Care.  Once optimal correction has been achieved we provide Wellness care to help you and your family learn how to achieve a state of optimal health and how to maintain a healthy spine into the future.  It is a lot easier to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system than it is to try and correct one. That is why we serve so many families in our practice. 

Once one member of a family comes is for care and learns about the devastating effects of Vertebral Subluxation they generally want to prevent their families and friends from developing those very same problems.  We looking forward to helping you an your family achieve optimal health and wellness .  Call us now to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors. When a person seeks chiropractic care and when their chiropractor accepts them for chiropractic care, it is essential that they are both working toward the same goal.

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