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Chiropractic and Subluxation

Chiropractic Care and Subluxation in Swampscott MA

Learn about the dangers of Subluxation. You can contact us at 781-593-2388.

Individuals seek out chiropractic care for various reasons, often in an attempt to relieve some type of pain. Yet, our mission goes far beyond pain relief. Our goal is to maintain the health of your nervous system – the pathway through which all information passes between your brain and body. We strive to make sure the crucial nerve messages can travel successfully within your system. Your nervous system, which is located within your spine, is responsible for the coordination of all of your bodily functions, so the state of your nervous system greatly impacts your overall health. When you get started with chiropractic care, we initially aim to find and correct vertebral subluxations – spinal misalignments. Next, with our program promoting wellness education, we teach you how to maintain your spinal wellness in order to reach your optimal health. We strive to help our clients reach their true health potential, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come!

Your nervous system is responsible for the control and coordination of all of your bodily functions. The nervous system controls the body through vital nerve messages. These nerve messages work to heal and regenerate your body. Your potential for health and wellness is ultimately a reflection of the effectiveness of these nerve messages. If your nervous system is healthy and able to coordinate properly with your body, your ability to adapt and “bounce back” will allow you to better manage any life challenges.

Vertebral Subluxation is caused when your spine shifts from its regular healthy location and is no longer in a position to move normally. This subluxation adds pressure to your nervous system and creates interference with the nerve messages that travel throughout your body. This interference is to blame for the majority of the unwanted pains and health issues people experience. Your body’s responses can be weakened by many different types of stressors – from physical and emotional stresses to chemical stress. When the stress in your surroundings is more powerful than your body’s ability to adapt, vertebral subluxations can form. Nowadays, with all the environmental stress we experience, it is easy to get “stressed out.” And when we become stressed out is when vertebral subluxations occur, weakening our body’s defenses. As a result, our bodies begin to slow and shut down, putting our nervous systems at greater risk. Most individuals have not visited a chiropractor since birth, and as a result, most people have been experiencing vertebral subluxations for many, many years. Therefore, most of us have not tapped into our full potential for health and wellness. Angela_Logo

It can be challenging to know your full potential without having a point of comparison to a time when you experienced optimal physical, emotional, and mental health. We often gauge our health by the symptoms we experience, and assume we are healthy when we feel no symptoms. But with vertebral subluxation, symptoms may arise immediately, or it may take months or years before an individual feels symptoms. Many of us do not realize we have a vertebral subluxation until we complete a chiropractic examination.

Can You Feel Vertebral Subluxation?

Usually, no! Only a small percentage - about ten percent - of our body’s nervous system conveys or feels pain - the warning that something is wrong. Most of our nervous system can experience significant stress without sending out a signal of pain. That’s why we often call vertebral subluxation a “silent killer,” because we often have no warning, or we mistake the pain we feel as something unrelated to the spine. This is why it is so important to get checked for subluxation, and to encourage your friends, family, and children to get checked.

 Posture is a Reflection of your Nervous System & Spine

Your posture is a reflection of your health. To reach your optimal health, you need to work on maintaining a great posture. The best position for the spine is one that reduces the amount of stress on the body’s nerve system and minimizes disc degeneration. Your posture should be straight from the front, essentially lined up with gravity. Looking from the side, your body should reflect three curves from top to bottom: the cervical (neck), the thoracic (middle back) and the lumbar (lower back). For these curves to be optimal, they must meet very specific measurements, close to a 60 degree curvature. Scientific research has observed that the 60 degree arc is best able to equally disburse gravitational forces, and as a result, provides the spine with the greatest defense against gravity’s powerful forces.

The symptoms you experience serve an important role in helping us learn about your spine’s health. Yet, symptoms are only part of the story. Symptoms do not always accurately reflect your complete health picture. After we have completed a comprehensive assessment of your spine and evaluate if we can work with your case, we will closely review your progress throughout the process. You can expect the process to include: a number of postural examinations, adjustments, education, exercise, and re-evaluations. It is crucial to get started as soon as possible in identifying and correcting subluxation. We are excited to be a part of your goal of reaching optimal health and we work to help you maintain long-term spinal wellness!

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