Spine Degeneration

Degeneration And Chiropractic Care

See the effects of Vertebral Subluxation on the health of your spine. Find out how you and your family can benefit from Chiropractic. Call – 781-593-2388.

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Phases of Spine Degenaration:

Phase 1 - Subluxation >> The Loss of Normal Curve >> Very Few Warning Signs
Phase - 2 Subluxation >> Degenerative Changes >> Arthritis and Disk Thinning >> Intermittent Warning Signs
Phase - 3 Subluxation >> Advance Degeneration >> Arthritic Spurs >> Consistent Warning Signs

After this third stage  degeneration continues and Warning signs become permanent!

Phase - 4 Subluxation >> Permanent Irreversible Degeneration >> Health Continues To Decline

Chiropractic Care Can Help You! Early detection = Easy correction

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